How will I get my beauty sleep?

If humans slept the recommended eight hours a day, we’d spend 1/3 of our lives asleep. That makes how and where you sleep pretty important. No wonder we get so many questions about it! So here are the answers to our frequently asked sleeping questions.

Where will we sleep?

  • During the week of ASB, we will be staying at the Boys and Girls Club. We will most likely sleep in their gymnasium at night, and store our things in the locker rooms during the day.

What will we sleep on?

  • American Red Cross has kindly given us access to their cots. That means all you need to bring for a comfortable night’s rest is a sleeping bag.

I’m flying and my sleeping bag wont fit in my luggage.

  • Purchase a sleeping bag that is easily compressed.
  • Bring sheets and a blanket.
  • Bring money and we can drive you to a retailer to purchase one.

But seriously, how do I ensure my eight hours of beauty sleep?

  • Starting at 10pm every night we will have lights out and quiet hours in the sleeping room. That does not mean that everyone has to go sleep, but it does mean that everyone will be respectful of those who do.
  • Breakfast will be served between 7 and 9am depending on the day.

Do you have a sleep question that we didn’t cover? Ask us in the comments!


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